1.     Motivation

You are a mainstream teacher, excited to work with the most vulnerable students to improve their life chances. You are motivated to complete The Difference programme and committed to improving the life outcomes of vulnerable children by raising the status and expertise of those who educate them. You are inspired to join a new movement of leaders creating systemic change.

2.     Outstanding Teaching

You are a highly able teaching with outstanding planning and lesson delivery. You can differentiate effectively to support learners in your classroom. You have high expectations for all your students. You bring lessons to life and you have a strong sense that all students deserve high quality education. You can apply your teaching and learning expertise in a new context and to subjects that may not be the subject you currently teach. 

3.     Leadership & Collaboration

You are an agent of change and you act as an advocate for your students. You enjoy working with others to achieve positive outcomes for students. You inspire and empower students and staff in your school to lead positive change. You recognise the complex needs of students and take responsibility for creating an environment where they can learn. You are excited to take on a leadership role in a school for excluded students and have a desire to lead in a mainstream school.

4.     Relationship-Building & Empathy

You are able to build strong relationships with students, staff and leaders. You recognise the value of these relationships to support vulnerable children. You are aware that working with vulnerable students requires a high level of empathy and emotional intelligence, given the complexity of their needs. You have an ability to recognise and respond to changes in behaviour and are driven to improve emotional outcomes for vulnerable children.

5.     Self-Reflection

You are an honest and reflective person. You recognise your own strengths and areas for development. You are receptive to feedback and have a desire to improve your practice, learn and develop. You can recognise your own emotions and are open to modifying your actions, behaviours and approach, as necessary, based on this insight, to grow and develop.  

6.     Resilience

You recognise that The Difference programme will be challenging. You are able to stay calm in stressful situations and can balance your emotions to move forward with positivity, maturity and confidence. You are comfortable accepting support and advice from others to help recover a positive sense of self. You are able overcome challenges and you have self-care strategies that help you cope.  

Recruitment Process

  1. Application form

    This is similar to producing a CV and cover letter. You will be asked about your academic and work history along with some competency based questions about your motivation, leadership and resilience.

  2. Selection day

    If successful at the video interview stage, you will be invited to participate in a full day selection centre. Here you will take part in a range of activities such as: teaching a lesson, an interview and a presentation. Throughout, you will be assessed against the competencies.

  3. Matching process

    If you pass the selection day, you will enter the matching process where we will look to find you a suitable partner school. You will have the opportunity to visit a Pupil Referral Unit and find out more about all our partner schools.

  4. Eligibility checks

    We will conduct a range of checks (e.g. reference checks) to confirm eligibility before a partner school is agreed.

  5. Summer training

    After a partner school is confirmed you will receive details about the summer training, prior to starting in your new school in September 2019. This is likely to be at the beginning and end of the 2019 summer holidays.