We place exceptional teachers in their first SLT post in an AP School, and deliver specialist training to support improved outcomes.

Teaching excluded pupils should be be pinnacle of the profession: the most challenging, complex and rewarding work in education, requiring expert skills. But for too long Alternative Provision Schools have recieved the least professional development and focus on recruitment. PRUs and other AP schools often struggle to recruit the expert staff they need

We know that there is limited professional development and no specific induction or training for teachers who work in the AP sector. The Difference will addresses the AP leadership gap, celebrating the hard work of the AP space whilst bringing mainstream expertise into the sector. 

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The Difference training programme work with it's partner schools to improve outcomes for excluded young people. We recruit exceptional teachers to their first leadership position in AP, leading on teaching and learning. This addresses the AP leadership gap and brings mainstream expertise whilst also learning from the experienced and dedicated individuals in the sector.


If you would like to partner with The Difference, we would love to hear from you. Contact: info@the-difference.com

‘Recruitment is always a challenge. Too few teachers know about the alternative
provision sector and how incredible it is to work there. Our leaders change lives: their work makes the difference between success and failure, hope and hopelessness, in some  instances even life and death. Every day is a privilege; The Difference seeks to inspire  more colleagues to join us in this vital work.’
— Dave Whitaker, Executive Headteachers at Springwell Academy