Can you make The Difference?

The Difference are seeking the most capable, curious and compassionate teachers to join the Difference Leaders programme, from July 2020. 

Starting this November, The Difference will run a multi-stage selection process to find the talented teachers who can hit the ground running, lead change and improve teaching and learning for excluded children. We are reviewing applications on a rolling basis and will close when places are filled. To avoid disappointment we encourage you to apply sooner rather than later.

Successful candidates will take on a two-year post in the senior leadership team of a school for excluded learners, and benefit from specialist training over two years.

Recruitment Process

  1. Registration form

    This short form consists of eligibility questions, and some equal opportunities questions which are not used to assess you as a candidate. If you are eligible you will receive a personalised link to complete the online application form.

  2. Application form

    This is completed online and is similar to producing a CV and cover letter. You will be asked about your academic and work history along with some competency-based questions.

  3. Phone interview
    If your are successful at the application form stage we will invite you to a phone interview with a member of The Difference team. The phone call will last around 30 minutes, and be structured around The Difference competencies.

  4. Selection day

    If successful at the phone interview stage, you will be invited to participate in a full day selection centre in a mainstream school. Here you will take part in a range of activities including teaching a lesson and a competency-based interview. Throughout, you will be assessed against all of the competencies.

  5. Matching process

    If you pass the selection day, you will enter the matching process where we will look to find you a suitable partner school.

  6. Onboarding and safeguarding checks

    We will conduct a range of checks (e.g. reference checks, QTS check, Children’s Barred List) to confirm eligibility before a partner school is agreed.

  7. Summer training

    After a partner school is confirmed you will receive details about the summer training, prior to starting in your new school in September 2020. Summer training will take place in the first and last week of the summer holidays.

Applications for the 2020 cohort will open on November 2nd.