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In January 2019 The Difference launched IncludEd, the first education conference on inclusion. Watch our highlights below!

With thanks to Credit Suisse our conference sponsors.

IncludEd 2

This November, we’re ready to do it all again. Twice! Grab a ticket here!

Join us for the second IncludEd conference - in London, and in Sheffield.

Hear from inspiring speakers, participate in innovative professional development and find the conversations and connections which could change your career!

Due to popular demand this IncludED series has two conferences:

The conferences are a great opportunity to access CPD from, and build a dialogue with, the country's leading practitioners for supporting the needs of vulnerable pupils.

The conference that asks why:

  • Why do only 2% of excluded pupils achieve Grade 5+ in English and maths?

  • Why are 1 in 2 immediately not in education, employment or training (NEET) from 16?

  • Why do so many students keep slipping off registers?

The Difference wants answers. Do you?

This November we bring together expert practitioners, bright minds and those willing to think differently. Together, we start looking for a way to change the story on exclusion.

Buy your tickets now!

Want to join in? If you have best practice to share at next year’s conference, apply here.