IncludEd is a new teacher professional development conference, focusing on educating the most vulnerable learners.

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There are many questions:

  • Why do only 1.5% of excluded pupils achieve Grade 5+ in English and maths?

  • Why are 1 in 2 immediately not in education, employment or training (NEET) from 16?

  • If interacting with social services is such a predictor of being excluded, what interventions work to break this link?

The Difference wants answers. Do you?

This January we bring together expert practitioners, bright minds and those willing to think differently. Together, we start looking for a way to change the story on exclusion.

Join us.

The IncludED conference will be hosted by Oasis Academy Southbank in the first weekend of the new term: Saturday January 12th 2019. The conference is a unique opportunity to access CPD from, and build a dialogue with, the country's leading practitioners for supporting the needs of vulnerable pupils.

Already in the line-up:

• London's new challenge: Sir Tim Brighouse

Architect of the London Challenge points to the new challenge facing London's schools: meeting the needs of vulnerable learners.

• Students' stories: Exclusion

In our keynote address, pupils who have experienced exclusion share the impact it has had on them, and the difference it has made to be reintegrated into Oasis Academy Southbank.

• Can powerful pedagogy prevent exclusion?

Expert teachers share how they meet the needs of the most vulnerable in their classrooms. Learn about the overlap between speech, language, communication needs and school exclusion; and hear about innovative strategies for disengaged pupils.

• Is knife crime really a teacher's issue?

TES' Ed Dorrell chairs a panel of perspectives from mainstream school, social work and youth work - and highlights best practice in multi-agency working.

• This child can't read, teach them. This child can't behave, exclude them!

How do we take an evidence-led approach to reducing exclusion? What does it have to do with teaching and learning? CPD from senior leaders who have cut exclusions in their schools.

• How does a leader change the story on exclusion?

Four inspiring headteachers - Inspiration Trust's David Thomas, Oasis' Carly Mitchell, Springwell's Dave Whitaker and LEAP's John Bradshaw - share their stories

• The big predictors: heightened risk of exclusion

Education Policy Institute share their latest investigation into school exclusion; and Social Finance discuss datasets that reveal the biggest predictors of becoming NEET after school. What are the frontline implications for teachers?

• Reengaging the disengaged: arts, employment… boxing?

Hear from the best schools for excluded pupils on what they do to get learners back on track. From routes to employment with WAC Arts College to the discipline of a boxing gym at The Boxing Academy.

Sustainable change: working with families

The Family School builds capacity in families of excluded pupils, whilst students catch up on missed learning. Best practice from the mental health profession is combined with excellent teaching - but can this unique model teach us anything about how mainstream could be different?

Not just a school – a community hub

Reach Academy Feltham is stretching the scope of a school by running local services: adult education, parenting classes and more. But why? And what’s the benefit for vulnerable learners in the school?

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