We will create a new generation of leaders to deliver the best in education to the children who need it most

Developing expertise in the profession

  • Half of teachers say they don't have the tools to support extreme behaviour and mental health 
  • Children with a mental health need are 10 times more likely to be excluded. Those known to social services are 3 times more likely.

The Difference we will make: 

  • A two year programme of on-the-job training and study at Master's level, to create specialists in addressing these issues. 

Connecting exceptional leaders to schools for excluded children

  • A child is twice as likely to be taught by an unqualified teacher if they are in a school for excluded pupils. 
  • 1% of excluded young people get the 5 good GCSEs they need to access the workforce. 

The Difference we will make: 

  • Supporting schools for excluded children by placing the next generation of leaders with them. 

Creating a community of leaders to drive change 

  • Pupil mental health and safeguarding are the fastest growing concerns for school leaders 
  • Areas in the country with the lowest educational outcomes also face complex challenges linked to health and social care.

The Difference we will make: 

  • Reintroducing this pool of specialist talent back into the mainstream system, to cascade their knowledge and drive inclusive policy and practice in our school system.